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American Automatics

Specialising in Classic American Transmission Rebuilding

Spare parts

I can import any part you need - I have regular contacts in the US. Most stuff is two week lead time on bargain postage unfortunately.

At the moment I don't keep many spares as there are too many variations of gearbox for this to be practical for a small business.

Sometimes I have some new minor parts in stock for my own use so call if you are desperate for something.

Similarly I have a range of good secondhand parts from gearboxes that have been broken for spares. Call me.

Over time I will be adding some new aftermarket parts like sump pans and filter / gasket sets and tail shaft oil seals etc. Check back as this evolves. I also sell bits n bobs like filters on Ebay under the seller name Firstpowerservices. 100% positive feedback

Trade - if your in the trade and need a 'get you out of the ***t' part. Call me and we can laugh together and see if there's a solution.