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American Automatics

Specialising in Classic American Transmission Rebuilding

Typical prices

Most of the work is time consuming and filthy dirty and requires expert knowledge built up over time, using some special tools in an environment that has overheads. I try to keep my prices as low as I can whilst still earning a wage and paying the bills. I don't mark up parts, I only charge labour and pass through costs. I am not registered for VAT. I think the prices I charge are probably the lowest in the UK all bar 'mates rates'. I think that's fair. Prices listed below are guide prices because sometimes your gearbox will need more parts than are in a stock rebuild kit because something is damaged. I cant foresee that, nor can I predict your requirements for upgrades. All prices are best agreed after a chat (and of cup a tea!) Sometimes stuff needs to be taken apart first to truly determine what's what. Common sense applies.

Standard Automatic 3 speed overhaul - EG Chevy TH350 and Ford C4 - work includes full strip, clean, inspection, new heavy duty friction plates, oil seals, front pump bush and rear tail housing bush, all gaskets and sealing rings - Price from £650 

Heavier duty boxes - EG TH400 and Ford C6 and Torqueflite - same spec as above - Price from £795

Overdrive Gearboxes - EG 700R4's 4L60's Ford AOD - Price from £895

Performance builds - price on application (don't you just hate seeing that! Sorry but I don't know what upgrades you want and that's the truth.)

Supply a rebuilt gearbox - I buy up stuff myself and restore it then sell it on. I never sell a gearbox that has not been rebuilt, because you never know its history and you cannot tell the condition by the fluid!

Typical TH350 / Ford C4 - £895 Typical 700R4 overdrive - £1095 All subject to stock - call for availability.

Manual Gearbox rebuilds - depends on the model and availability of parts. - typical price £750

Engine build service - EG Chevy 350 - Prices from £850 plus parts and engineering costs. Each is going to be different I'm afraid. Removal and fitting extra by discussion. I don't generally charge for time spent on research and design for genuine projects.

Typical V8 car standard service - EG plugs, oil filter, oil, belt tension, timing check, fluid top ups - Price from £95 plus parts - varies depending on what you require. 

Automatic transmission service - Eg sump pan removal and clean, fluid and filter change, new pan gasket - price from £80 plus parts.

I buy Gearboxes and engines so call me if you have something lurking in the corner of your shed you're fed up tripping over, even if it's faulty!

I collect and deliver at reasonable rates and can accommodate evenings and weekends subject to sensible distances. Call me.

Deposits - sometimes a deposit is required upfront. Don't be offended. It's not that I don't trust you to pay, it helps small businesses manage cash flow. 

Low cost does not equal cheap job - to the contrary! I apply the same high standards to all my work paying attention to detail every step. I dislike paying high prices myself and don't believe in ripping people off for the sake of it.